Refinery Wastewater

Project: Operation and Refurbishment of the Wastewater Treatment Plant in KAR 1 Refinery (consortium with UNI Recycling and Green Environment)

Capacity: 20,000 b/day
Location: Kurdistan/Iraq
Client: KAR Group, Erbil Refinery

KAR1 Entire Plant

Project: Produced Water Treatment Plant

Capacity:  app. 8,000 m3/day
Treatment process: dissolved air flotation (DAF), biological treatment, two-layer and activated carbon filtration, and sludge dewatering


Description: Project coordination and Contract Management including technical verification of design for all disciplines, process engineering, project monitoring support and project procurement support.
Location: Romania
Client: Wabag Water Services SRL
Beneficiary: OMV Petrom SA

Drinking Water

Project: Study for the revamp of a drinking water treatment plant

Capacity: app. 5,000 m3/day
Treatment process: Coagulation, Sedimentation, Filtration and Disinfection

Description: development of a concept study for the revamp of an existing treatment plant including the water intake and evaluation of different refurbishment possibilities. Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the selected revamping options.
Location: Romania
Client: OMV Petrom SA

Municipal Wastewater

Project: Development of a Modular Design for compact municipal wastewater treatment plants

Capacity: 100 – 2,500 m3/day
Treatment process: membrane bioreactor process (MBR)

Location: China
Client: Supratec Membrane GmbH